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A person makes an accident when he underestimates his overconfidence.

So what happens when a person underestimates his fear?



Ananya’s Riddle

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Ananya asks ” You can see me only in photographs but you can never find me in real. Who am I?”

I blink.

I think.

Ananya says : “I am God mummy !!!”

Ananya as Nehru

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Where is Taj Mahal?

Posted in Ananya on November 14, 2008 by Mallika

My friend got a book on Wonders of The World for my 5 year old daughter. My husband spent some 2-3 days on that book with my daughter.

4th or 5th day my husband asked my daughter “So where is Taj Mahal?”.

She replies “2nd Page”.

Hand Painted Diwali Diyas

Posted in Hobby on October 25, 2008 by Mallika

This Diwali I have painted these diyas in different themes like Worli Art, South Indian Kolums, Ganesha, Fire etc.

It was fun painting them and I was a kid with paint and brush in my hand.

I gifted few to my close friends, they liked them too.

Wish you Happy Diwali

Ananya Says

Posted in Ananya on June 30, 2008 by Mallika

1. Once my 5 year old daughter came to me and asked ” Mummy, what does ‘Vishalakshi’ mean?”.

I said ” ‘Vishalakshi’ means woman with large eyes”.

I continued and asked her “Do you know what does ‘Meenakshi’ mean”. She asks in reply “Woman with medium eyes?”

2. Every time I feed my 3 year old daughter I had to tell her stories from Ramayana, Panchatantra etc. I also used to ask question in between to check whether remembers or not. 

Once while narating ramayana I asked her “So when Lakshmana cut Surpanakha’s nose,  where did she go with her bleeding nose? My daughter replies “Hospital !!”

Bangalore Airport – We should be proud of it.

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I am proud being a Bangalorean that Bangalore is having an Airport of some international standards !!!!

It is a bit far from city but the bus service is good in terms of comfort and frequency. Cabs are available in short notices. Toilets inside airport are clean, accessible and plenty which has been a perennial problem for women in particular. On the whole no complains.